Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The painting has begun. The painters tell me they expect to be there through Thursday. Carpet is installed starting on Friday. The property management company is handling all this, so I'm just an annoying bystander with a camera (the look I got from the painters).

Looking out from the game room. The French doors open all the day into the game room and can sit flush against the wall. The walls are eight feet high and don't touch the ceiling. This allows customers to hear the games going on without having to step over people. It also allows for air to flow, light to shine and the fire sprinklers to do their job.

Nice contrast from the pink walls. There used to be a doorway here to the other suite.

The back of the game room. The door in the right is still scheduled for removal. There used to be a small room in the corner. You can see the outline by looking at the tile.

Door from the sales floor to the office (hallway). The repair work on the wall is where the hair washing stations used to be.

Game room corner

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  1. When you say allows "the fire sprinklers to do their job" does this include the ability to deal with smelly gamers if necessary? ;-)