Saturday, April 5, 2008

Market Sizes

ICV2 has their 2007 market size estimates numbers out now. I felt like I was on another planet when I read them. Our sales are pretty even across departments, with miniature games only recently out-performing everything else. Check out these numbers:

The size of the collectible card game market:
$600 million
The miniature games market (including collectibles)
$150 million
Role-playing games
$15 million

These numbers are just staggering, both in their enormity in some categories (CCGs) and their paucity in others (RPGs). My RPG and CCG sales are about even, when things are normal. How is it that the market for CCG's is 40 times larger? Are all these sales going to the mass market or online sales?



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  3. I have to agree: Mass Market. I see them in every supermarket and big box retailer I go in to. And I hate CCG's.
    I'd almost think RPG's should be bigger being sold by Amazon and B & N and Borders.