Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Sellers for June

I haven't obsessed over statistics in a while, which means sales have been improving.....

Top Items for the Last 30 Days
  1. 4.0 D&D Core Rulebook Gift Set
  2. MTG - Shadowmoor Booster Pack
  3. 4.0 Player's Handbook
  4. D&D H1 Keep On The Shadowfell
  5. D&D Minis - Dungeons of Dread
  6. MTG - Shadowmoor theme deck
  7. MTG - Shadowmoor - tournament
  8. MTG - Shadowmoor - fat pack
  9. 40KRPG: Inquisitor's Handbook
  10. YGO: Light of Destruction
Not a lot of surprises here with new D&D and new Magic taking most of the top spots. Keep on the Shadowfell was a surprise hit. It was our best selling RPG product in years ... but that was before the release of the 4.0 gift set. Number of people who bought a gift set or player's handbook from us in the last 5 days: 86. I would like to say sales of D&D have surprised me, but they're exactly what I expected.

Top Games for the Last 30 Days
  1. Dungeons & Dragons
  2. Magic
  3. Warhammer 40K
  4. Warhammer Fantasy
  5. Warmachine
  6. Fantasy Flight Games
  7. Dark Heresy
  8. Mayfair Games
  9. Bleach
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh
It's nice to see that Fantasy Flight Games doesn't suffer from the Euro decline that we've seen lately. FFG is more American style (some say Ameritrash), appealing to the mainstream gamer crowd, a more consistent customer type. Bleach is the flavor-of-the-month for the alpha card gamers. Yu-Gi-Oh is about to slip off the charts into oblivion since we fired those customers.

Top Departments
  1. Role Playing (+1)
  2. Tactical Miniature Games (-1)
  3. Trading Card Games (same)
  4. Used Games (+3)
  5. Board Games (same)
  6. Collectible Miniatures (-2)
  7. Paint (+3)
  8. Card Games (-2)
  9. TCG Supplies (+6)
  10. Dice (-1)
  11. Classic Games (same)
The number next to them are their positions from a year ago. I see the increased decline of collectible miniature games, a Bay Area phenomena. Paint and TCG supplies are both accessories associated with in-store gaming, something we do much better now. Note that these are movements in sales position, not in sales dollars. Sales dollars are dramatically higher in this location.


  1. What happened to Mexican Coke? Not a top seller anymore? ;-)

  2. I stripped it out. I believe it was #8.