Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tallarn Weekend

I've spent most of the 4th of July weekend painting my 40K Tallarns. I've got about half a dozen left before I'm done. Then I've got 8 rough riders and the army is complete. I'm breaking up the painting by watching movies on the laptop and reading Commissar Cain novels by Sandy Mitchell. So far these are the only 40K novels I've enjoyed.

I just finished watching Lawrence of Arabia. It's especially interesting because it's basically about European powers attempting to drive out the Turks and extend their colonial empires in the Middle East. One of the minor characters is an American reporter who talks about how Americans are against empire and for the struggle for all peoples to be free. It's kind of ironic to hear that now. Then again, the movie came out in 1962, ten years after the US engineering of the coup against the Shah of Iran, a government elected democratically. Those who track such things consider that event to be the beginning of American empire building. Anyway, great movie with an excellent soundtrack.


  1. Did you ever look at the Camels from BTD's 28mm fantasy Saracen range?

  2. No, they look pretty good too. I think I would probably go with "cold ones" if I were to change it up.

  3. I love those novels, they're by far my favorite 40k books, though the Horus Heresy series has definitely grown on me. It's a great series that manages to do without most of the corny action oriented writing of other 40k novels... mostly. I highly recommend it.