Friday, September 5, 2008

Horses! (40K)

Look, horses!

Nothing dispels rancor and controversy like an equestrian display. Everybody likes horses. Anyway, I took Usi's advice and used a wash on the horses, not just the riders. The horses got a Gryphonne Sepia wash, which is a kind of light brown, lighter than my standard Devlan Mud wash.

My original list called for 10 rough riders broken into two squads. That's what I finally have. My strategy will be to use the standard lances, keeping both squads in reserve to help keep them alive. They'll leave armor alone and focus on lighter targets.


  1. Your horsemen are neat. I wonder if they'll get any odd glances when you put them on the table; next to all sort of hi-tech tanks and power armor, etc. Cavalry were an anachronism back in WWII, let alone 38,000 years in the future, lol.

    I also have the Sepia wash. I'm glad to hear that it is lighter than Devlan Mud. I plan on using it to wash my PanzerIV company. The PanzerIV has zimmerit, and a wash will help that show very well. It also helps camo patterns 'blend' into the base color very well, if it precedes a light drybrush.


  2. My favorite 40K motivational poster features a commissar riding a Leman Russ and brandishing a saber with the caption "Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!"

    I think that pretty much sums up the inherent anachronism of 40K :-P

  3. The army gets a lot of odd glances in general from the paint job, the models, and yes, the horses. A lot of people really don't like the horses, but it fits the Tallarn fluff pretty well. Rough rider and sentinels are their thing.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see rough riders disappear in the next codex.

  4. Horses have long had a place in respectable science fiction.

    They can be used for military uses, transport, and labor.
    They are self replicating.
    They do not require a technological base to sustain.

  5. And they taste much better than a tank. Ride your rations baby!

  6. I haven't actually heard anything regarding rough riders in the new codex, but they have a pretty long tradition of being there, so I'd be surprised if they went away. I would like to see some new models for them so that someone playing something other than Tallarn could take some without major conversion work.

  7. That's why I was thinking they would go away. Not many model options and probably not a big priority for new models. I would love to see new rough rider models too, because that would mean they would be even better in the new codex (their way of pimping model sales).

  8. I think they're pretty good now, it's just that they're a bitch to convert to anything other than Tallarn. I've tried. Unless you have some real modeling skills it's not very practical, especially now that bitz are gone.

    Forge World did put out some Kriegan Death Riders not that long ago. I'm curious how well they are selling. I'd love to get some of those for my IG army, but not at $24 per model!

  9. There are Attilan rough riders too, if you like the Mongol look.