Thursday, February 12, 2009

RPG Sales Update

After the Dundracon chart, I figured a reality check might be in order (for me at least). These are sales of RPGs over the last year. It excludes games that sold less than $100. You probably wouldn't have heard of them anyway. Note that I broke out the White Wolf genres, rather than lumping them together. It occured to me that the factious nature of White Wolf genres impedes it's success. Want to play White Wolf games? Good luck on agreeing on a genre, or agreeing to mix genres. It reminds me of D&D 2nd Edition with an endless number of campaign settings.

D&D is obviously the 500 pound gorilla. The thing to note is you've got four months of very slow 3.5 sales and several months of very high 4E release sales, followed by much higher than average sales overall. D&D 4 is far more popular than 3.5 if you judge it by sales. Overall, D&D has increased market share in my store by about 20% from a year ago. Not listed here are used games, which might account for another 20% or so of RPG sales. D&D 3.5 is very strong in the used department.


  1. It's too small to register, but we do sell it.

  2. Thanks for that.

    Is there a break down of 3.5 vs 4e?

  3. Not really, since it would include 8 months of D&D 4 and 4 months of D&D 3.5.