Friday, May 29, 2009

New Stuff at the Store

Woodland Scenics: In the category of "things Gary buys at other game stores," Woodland Scenics flocking is a high quality, low cost flocking product designed mostly for the model railroad folks. We just got in the more popular grasses in coarse and fine. I'm trying to get in some of the others, such as the sand and gravel ground cover. My 40K army is based in Woodland Scenics Iron Ore (a mix of medium and fine).

Armorcast. I love this stuff, even though it's terrain and sells like molasses. Does molasses sell? Dunno. Anyway, we got in the trench system last week, and this week we got the steam boiler, dumpsters with trash, sarcophagi and alters. These were our best sellers when we sold Armorcast at the old store.

White Dwarf #353. I'll get it for the Valkyrie article, but it's mostly devoted to the new Empire releases.

Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror Expansion. New investigators, character backgrounds as story mechanic, ancient ones, and a town that's hostile to the investigators. Keep those gates closed.

Game of Thrones: City of Secrets Chapter Pack. That's for you, Joe.

Snow Tails. A new game from Asmodee about dog sled racing. It looks similar to other racing games, except the board is modular (as opposed to having pre-set tracks). Ask for the bonus tile when you bring it to the counter. There's also a new Cash & Guns expansion, Cash & Guns Live, if you're a fan of that Asmodee game.

Flames of War: New today: Komissar M A Dedov, Kaptain V I Nevsky and the Konigstiger Platoon box. Thank the gods for cut and paste. Also, as much as Battlefront hates it when I announce this, we've refreshed the clearance bucket.

Games Workshop Price Increase! This weekend is your last chance to buy GW at the old pricing. Prices go up Monday and we're (really Andrey) working late Sunday night to make the changeover.

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  1. Innsmouth Horror...

    I think we'll have a "monster" game of Arkham Horror this weekend - using as many of the expansions as possible.
    Check the calendar in the store web forum for details.