Saturday, August 22, 2009

Terrain Building Class

We had our terrain building class today at the store. Our activities were in three categories:

  1. Refurbishment. This is most of what I did, touching up or patching damaged terrain items.
  2. Kit Builds. We built and painted several kits, including the Temple of Skulls, Battle for Macrage terrain, Blastscape, Moonscape, and a couple of Imperium buildings.
  3. Free Form Terrain. Joe headed this project up, painting table tops, cutting and painting foam terrain and helping everyone else.
We had a fun time, learned some new terrain techniques and ate way too much pizza (at least I did). Those who helped out will get access to the special terrain in the cabinets. We'll be rotating out cabinet terrain as our collection of premium terrain is built up.

Desert boards. These were painted on unpainted sides of existing terrain boards.

Newly primed moonscapes.

Snow boards. Our existing snow board is a 4x6, which is too big for league play. These two boards make up a 4x4 and with the refurbished snow terrain, I expect to play playing some arctic battles soon.

Some custom desert boards that I'll be very happy to use with my Tallarn.

The new cabinets. We'll eventually get a third cabinet. We'll also transition out some of these models as better ones are built.