Sunday, November 21, 2010

Limited Edition

Here are some of the "limited" items we have in stock. These are things that won't be back again or won't be back for a long time. It might be useful if you've got your eye on these as holiday gifts or were planning to pick them up after the holidays, with aptly named "grandma money."  Don't delay.

Castle Ravenloft is out of print and won't be back until 2011. The follow-up game has been delayed until next year, so this is THE D&D board game for the holidays. It's also our best selling board game of the year and wildly popular in the store. We stocked up as best we could and have about a dozen in stock. They won't make it past mid-December.

Fire & Lightning duel decks for Magic: The Gathering were released on Friday without a lot of fan fare. They're a little pricey ($35) but will be in huge demand over the holidays. Stores have sold out across the country on release day. We haven't hyped this release at all, so we've still got about ten. Previous decks are in high demand and this is one of those items that makes a great gift, but is hard to justify as a personal purchase because it lacks utility (you can't use most cards in organized play). It's high on the pretty scale though.

Beholder Collector's Set contains four of this iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster miniature. We originally were told we would get 6, then another distributor came through and we got a total of 12. Then we pried 12 more from WOTC's fingers, so we'll have these for a bit longer. Like the Fire & Lightning deck, it's really cool, but hard to justify for yourself. Gift fodder.

Orcus: Prince of Undeath. I stocked up knowing we would have these for the holidays. They're out of print and will likely be worth a small fortune soon. We've got five at the standard MSRP. The closest comparison is the Colossal Red Dragon which goes for $200-300 on Ebay. Again, a really cool model that would make a great gift, but hard to justify personally.

D&D tile sets are limited print runs, and many are gone or are going away soon, such as The Dungeon, the first D&D Essentials tiles. These are useful for D&D and Pathfinder and have been hot sellers. Also, Paizo GameMastery tiles have been going out of print for a while now, with the first twelve or so very hard to find. Paizo lets a lot of their older products go out of print.

Each year, GW comes out with a limited edition miniature case for the holidays. This year it's the Monster Figure Case, a giant case with pluck foam to take care of those one off miniatures that just won't fit anywhere else (where my Lord of the Rings Mumak will eventually go). We've got three left and won't have them again when they're gone. Again, not cheap, hard to justify as a personal purchase, but if a loved one has a model that just won't go away because it just won't fit anywhere, or your gamer shame is driving you to hide your Ork Stompa from the in-laws, this one is for you.

Necromancer Island is a Smallworld promo. Smallworld is a guaranteed big hit this holiday season for a number of reasons and we have a handful of this promo available for sale. Online sites sell it for $12-20 or bundle it with a copy of Smallworld (which everyone who wants this already owns). We've got a few left for $5.

What else? There will inevitably be a hot holiday game, often promoted by some newspaper, website or other source that accelerates a games sales well beyond normal.  We won't know what those games are or what inevitable games will be sadly unavailable until we get closer to the holidays.

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