Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 100 Card Games 2011

This is my second year of making this list, inspired by a very good retailer who made a similar one that helped me out tremendously. The list includes our best selling card games by quantity sold, stripping out expansions and the Living Card Game category. Game of Thrones LCG would be #26, for example, if it were included. Several of the expansions for Dominion are in the top 10. Every one of these sold a respectable number of copies (3 or more).

It's an imperfect category, as it includes games you might not classify as card games, including some party games and the occasional dice game that I forget to remove. You might want to compare this to the list I did last year at this time. There are also some that might have been mis-classified and missed the list. What's a card game, board game, party game, living card game, or CCG is highly fluid nowadays. Most game stores lump all of these games into their board game category and call it a day.

Last year I had Dominion stuck in the board game category (my mistake), so you can see that game is the heavyweight champ. The bottom quarter of this list includes a bunch of new kids games from Haba, which I hope to see creep up the list over time.

The list goes from left to right, top to bottom, with Dominion as the top game and Famiglia holding the #51 spot.

Dominion Famiglia
Space Hulk: Death Angel  Chez Cthulhu
Dominion: Intrigue Munchkin Impossible
Munchkin Munchkin Cthulhu
Poo   No Thanks!
Resident Evil Family Business
Apples to Apples  Blink
Saboteur Lunch Money
We Didn’t Playtest This At All Are You A Werewolf?
Guillotine Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
Gloom Great Dalmuti
Cookin Cookies Lunchbox Dutch Blitz
Pirate Fluxx Slamwich
Fluxx Scary Tales: LRRH
Bang Heroes of Graxia
Quiddler Munchkin Booty
Ascension Clue Card Game
Killer Bunnies Fictionaire: Tall Tales 
Zombie Fluxx Early American Chrononauts
Bang! The Bullet Myth: Pantheons
Star Munchkin Scrabble Slam
Citadels  Martian Fluxx
7 Wonders What's Yours Like? 
Five Crowns Tichu
Munchkin Fu The Stars Are Right
Back to the Future Pit
Nightfall Deluxe Pit
Dweebies Mille Bornes Collector's Ed
Stoner Fluxx Onirim
Lost Cities Parade
Bohnanza  Memo Orchard
Munchkin Bites! Animal Upon Animal Card Game
Once Upon a Time Little Teddy
Wizard Wild Vikings
Pocket Battles: Celts vs Roman San Juan
Uno  Killer Bunnies Remix
Fictionaire: Naturals Family Fluxx
Chrononauts Are You The Traitor? 
Mr. Jack Pocket Edition Ren Faire
Whack a Catgirl  For Sale
Monty Python Fluxx My Dwarves Fly 
You've Been Sentenced! Phase 10 Masters Edition    
Set Rat-a-tat Cat
Rhodan's The Cosmic League KB: Odyssey Starter Combo ACL
Fictionaire Classic The Good, the Bad, & the Munchkin
Fictionaire: Fool Science  Pocket Battles: Orcs vs. Elves
Sounds Like A Plan Mille Bornes
Coloretto Mummy's Treasure
Race for the Galaxy Cheese Snatching!
Felix: the Cat in the Sack Beer!

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