Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Role Playing Sales 2011

Here's what's doing well and how it compares to last year:

Top 10 Role-Playing Sales

2010 2011
1. Dresden Files RPG: Volume 1 1. Pathfinder RPG: Core Rules 
2. Pathfinder RPG: Core Rules 2. Pathfinder: Ultimate Magic
3. PF Advanced Player's Guide 3. Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide
4. Dark Sun Campaign Setting 4. Pathfinder: World Guide: The Inner Sea 
5. D&D - Monster Manual 3 5. Warhammer 40k: Deathwatch RPG
6. Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 6. Pathfinder: Game Mastery Guide
7. Dresden Files RPG: Volume 2 7. Deathwatch: Mark Of The Xenos 
8. D&D - Psionic Power 8. Pathfinder: Bestiary 2 HC 
9. PF Gamemastery Guide 9. Pathfinder: Bestiary HC
10. Legend Of The Five Rings 4E 10. Dark Heresy: Daemon Hunter

Top 5 Role-Playing Games
2010 2011
1. Dungeons & Dragons 1. Pathfinder
2. Pathfinder 2. Dungeons & Dragons
3. Dresden Files 3. 40K RPG/Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy
4. Legend of the Five Rings 4. Hero Games
5. 40K RPG/Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy 5. Call of Cthulhu

So.... that happened. This has been the Summer of Pathfinder, really the year of Pathfinder. D&D ambles along, mostly selling back list products that are slowly disappearing. Other games are emerging though, including a resurgence of Call of Cthulhu and all things Chaosium that I haven't seen out here before.

Gencon is this week, but what's big? There's a new Lord of the Rings RPG, but the buzz on that is quiet. We'll obviously sell dozens of Ultimate Combat for Pathfinder, which releases tomorrow. That tends to overshadow just about anything "big" from Gencon. Is there something you're waiting to be released in the RPG arena? Is there something out now not getting its due?

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