Thursday, March 29, 2012

West Coast Style

Yo dog, here on the West Coast, over in the 925, we've got like four distros with warehouses with next day ship. I order it and it shows up tomorrow. Snap! You got your upstart ACD, your evil empire Alliance, the kings of cards over at GTS (now the biggest), and my man the miniatures god over at Warpath.

What, you want more? I've got two day ship from a couple others, plus my classic game guys are next day over at John Hansen. Classic. Heck don't forget my man Banducci down the street at R&M. He'll let me walk the aisles with a little red wagon, if I want. Not that I would want that... yo.

So we've got an arms race up in here. What, you want some sweet Clix from your man at ACD? Bam! Denied. Alliance has that exclusive. You want some of them Queens Games like Alhambra on that Alliance order with those clickeys? Suck it! That's ACD only now. Daaaaamn! They're tying me down. It's all gonna cost me money, cuz I can't possibly have the best discount with all of them. That Alhambra will cost a couple extra bucks if I haven't been paying my dues with ACD. It's the system man; it's how it works. Pay your dues or pay the man. You can't win.

Someones gonna die of course. They can't all make it. They can't all be king of the hill. There ain't enough hills. There used to be more to go around, but not any more. So they cut deals, and give me terms, and cost me cash as I run around, trying to figure out who has what and how I can get some. I keep my mind on my money and my money divided among all these dudes. Damn!

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