Friday, August 3, 2012

20 Posts in 30 Days

20 of my Facebook game trade posts related to the store over the last month, from newest to oldest:

1. Planning to finally put effort into a store website re-design as we distance ourselves from Facebook.

2. If you're going to send me a customer sign up sheet for a product you haven't acknowledged exists yet, expect a little push back

3. I think there's going to be a reckoning when the current CCG craze dies down. We'll be looking around and wondering how to boost sales, how to run better events, how to attract lost customers, how to bring in broader or different product lines....

4. Listening to a customer do an impression of Deanna Troy and her psychic breasts. Pure comedy.

5. "Bubba, what happens if your new truck burns up too? Do you have a plan C? (there will be a long story posted about this project in a couple months).

6. I'm enjoying the new Pathfinder book on aasimar, Blood of Angels. I think I've narrowed it down to Amber Scott's excellent writing and if I go back through some of my favorites, her name keeps popping up.

7. Back home from the trip in which the highlight was blowing up the truck in which Christian Kane (Leverage) once ran out of gas on the way to a music audition (see #5).

8. Still haven't had anyone malign Dungeons & Dragons players in this election cycle, but it's still early.

9. Dear self from last month, you cannot bring in starter sets to sell and then complain when they special order accessories. Now go remind the tech to tighten your oil pan bolt.

10. You know when you say " the very least, I'll buy one?" That's today for me.

11. "Bubba, what's that?" looking over my shoulder. "It's a girl [scantily clad],"I reply. "Convention?" He asks. "Yep." [Comic-con]

12. Duel Terminals spontaneously report card dispenser errors. Both of them. Together. Hmmm. [Friday the 13th]

13. No matter how many times I do this, when my new stock exceeds the value of a Corolla, I worry nobody will come. I suppose it keeps me from being too stupid.

14. A heated defense of Captain Janeway's decision making, completing unappreciated by the shop keep.

15. In case you missed it, Paizo announced the launch of a virtual tabletop over the weekend. Also over the weekend, WOTC announced the cancellation of their virtual tabletop initiative after a beta program didn't work out for them.

16. My big recurring nightmare is I get a call about a second business that I've completely forgotten about. I don't recall it ever being in Bermuda though.

17. It's not that I get bored, putting orders together, receiving, straightening shelves, doing some marketing, cleaning and helping customers, it's that I thoroughly enjoy it and constantly wonder if it's a good use of my time. I think actual work is highly suspect nowadays.

18. The boss said I could leave early! — at Black Diamond Games.

19. [I] Will be closing the store tonight for the first time in 4 years. I assume the light switches work in the opposite direction and there is a bank branch somewhere nearby.

20. My "zeroed out" receipt for $475 in [stolen, miskeyed] CCG supplies. We finally did an inventory after our cash wrap move.

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