Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Retailer Opportunities (Kickstarter)

Our Kickstarter has several backer tiers available to retailers:

  • Game Store Rescue ($100), where I'll write a blog post on a game trade topic of your choice, along with receiving all our digital rewards. 
  • Game Store Rescue: Remote Consultant ($500): where I'll work with you remotely for a day, along with recognition on the Wall of Knighthood and the digital rewards.
  • Game Store Rescue: On Site Consultant ($1000): where you bring me out to your store and I'll work on a problem.

In the real world, this would be no big deal. Have an expert come out for the day at $125 an hour to work on your problem. No brainer. I've done it in IT many times, for many days, sometimes months on end.  That's the going rate to get my car fixed at the Volkswagen dealership and nobody raises an eyebrow.

I'm an expert. I said it. I've got my 10,000 hours and success behind it. I'm not the only expert. I'm not the most experienced expert. As I've mentioned before, there are probably a few hundred people in the game trade with my experience, although most don't share. There are a handful I know that would be far better consultants, if they were available, or had the desire. Really though, if you read my blog, you know right now if it's worth it to you. It's just a question of logistics and money.

This is truly not my ploy to leverage my store experience to become a consultant, just as the presentation I gave this week at ACD Games Day is not an indication I want to do public speaking engagements for a living. I have a business partner who thinks I should do both. I shudder at the thought. This is my way of saying it wasn't my idea, but I'll certainly make the best of it.

One thing I can tell you about all these tiers. You will get great value from them. Why? Because you should never, ever, pay a consultant to learn on the job. As I haven't done formal retail consulting before, I would be learning while helping. As someone hyper sensitive to consulting value, I can promise this: I am under-promising. I will over deliver. It's the very least I can do.

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