Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top Board Games

We're starting to see holiday board game articles online. Some articles have a lot of junk on them. Some show some solid, top selling games. Here's our list of top sellers at Black Diamond Games for the last six months.

Rather than just list a bunch of games, I'm putting an asterisk next to a game if it shows up in a holiday board game article or a top games of 2015 article, along with games featured on Tabletop. More asterisks means it's on more lists. Games with asterisks are definitely games worth checking out.

This is an interesting year for board game sales, as we're seeing a huge variety of games sold; lots of breadth and not the usual amount of depth. Some highly reviewed games have sold zero copies for us, so don't make our list. Other games are just hugely popular everywhere, like Codenames and Mysterium. Some evergreen games fell of the map as well, partly, I think, because of their strong appearance in big box stores.

Here's our list:

Cards Against Humanity *
Sushi Go! *
Star Wars X-Wing *
Coup *
Boss Monster 
Codenames *****
Betrayal at House on the Hill *
Boss Monster 2
Dead of Winter ***
Pandemic: New Edition *
Love Letter *
Gloom Card Game
Ultimate Werewolf: One Night
Star Realms: Deckbuilding Game
Catan 5th Edition ***
Love Letter: Batman
A Game of Thrones Card Game (2E)
Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Smash Up *
Mysterium ****
Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas
Gloom: Fairytale
Marvel Legendary DBG *
Epic Card Game *
Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth**

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