Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Top 20 Game Companies 2016 (Tradecraft)

Five years ago I did a top 20 analysis, finding those companies comprised 75% of my sales. My top 20 this year is down to 66%, with hundreds of companies below them on the list. Lets call that a win for diversification. 

That said, Wizards of the Coast has grown tremendously in my personal market share, with nearly double the sales of the second company on the list, which is itself double the third, and so on. Dungeons & Dragons is tremendously popular and even with Magic being a bit slow, it's significantly larger than it was in 2011. Things weren't so stark five years ago.

The big industry news since the first chart is Asmodee North America, which now owns the board game segment, having acquired all or most of four companies on my previous top list (five on the list, if you include themselves). I say most, because our Mayfair sales are not on the list without Catan, which is now licensed to Asmodee. The board game market was ripe for the picking, with no market leader, unlike every other game trade segment. 

I know you guys like these charts far more than my blabbing on, so here they are:

Chart from 2011:

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