Thursday, December 31, 2020

Forgetting the Fizz

Every time I meditate, I forget how wonderful it is to center the mind. There are parts of consciousness, reached during meditation, that are beyond thinking and memory. You can't remember the feeling because there is no feeling, no thing to imprint.  You experience this non thinking, but its nature won't allow you to remember, so you forget how wonderful "it" is. If you could remember your non thought, it wouldn't be the thing, since the nature of the thing is non thingness. Still with me?

Working with customers is similar in that it brings an ineffable satisfaction. It's certainly not a deep meditative state of no-thing ness, but it's a satisfaction that's soon forgotten. When I'm away from this for periods of time, I forget about that fizz, that deep satisfaction. I feel like a bit of a fraud. Was it ever there at all? Maybe I willed it into being. You see this attempt to will it into being with new sales people who over do it. They talk too much, too loudly, don't listen, don't engage. Maybe that was me!

When these thoughts arise, you'll probably think the fizz is gone. However, you just can't remember it. It's an elusive feeling. For those of us who delegate fizz, you might think you gave it away. I used to have the fizz, but now someone else has it. John or Tammy have my fizz now. That feels especially true when you disengage and then watch your proteges take up the mantle. Yep, there goes my fizz.  You still have it, you just need to go do the thing, like a reluctant meditator. Fizz abides. You'll slip right back into that ineffable, fizzy feeling. 

You probably won't remember it afterwards though. 

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