Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The Master told me:
You shouldn't drink and haiku. Bad combination. Just post an update....

I was feeling good late last night so I dropped into Costco minutes before they closed. I bought some tables, then decided what the heck, get some chairs too. I need a total of 48 chairs, but only 10 would safely fit on my flat. Then I realized on the way in this morning that I didn't have a key to the store. My wiring guys have it, so I'll need to drop them off tonight. They barely fit in the car and I'm sure I'll be decapitated if I stop too quickly.

Today was a catch-up day at the store. I started training Mike on the POS and sales. He's doing a great job. I paid the bills and caught up on the problem areas of the project.

AT&T was in yesterday to install the phones but couldn't gain access to the phone closet. When I called today I learned that they listed the phone lines as installed. This would normally be highly annoying, but instead it turned out to be a good thing. A phone line installed but not working is considered a service problem which gets top priority. They'll be out tomorrow between 12-4pm again to get it working. This time I have some cell phone numbers of people responsible for access.

My sign guy materialized again and explained how we can proceed if I walk through the permit process. That will be my job tomorrow morning.

Last night my contractor guys started removing slatwall, track lighting and the speakers. That's why it looks so ugly. It's going to get worse too as more slatwall reveals the ugly paint beneath. It's like there's a limited amount of pretty to go around to game stores and the prettier my new store gets, the uglier the old store becomes.

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  1. Yay! I'm in the decrepid, poorly lit store photo!