Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miniature Games Bonanza

Some things we're working on:

Weekly 40K Events. Starting in mid April, we'll have staff run 40K events that closely follow the Games Workshop events. Fill in events will take place when the GW calendar is empty. The goal is to have consistent events, the same day every week, with the marketing efforts of Games Workshop behind it. Like our RPGA event, there will be a $5 fee that gets you a $5 gift certificate, $16 if you pay a month in advance. Games Workshop will provide prize support.

Flames of War Sale. Don't we have one of these like every other month? We're dropping about a third of our box sets. They're at 40% off and feature a lot of German and British, with smaller amounts of American and Russian. Box sets are redundant in Flames of War, from a store owners perspective, and we need the wall space. If you want to play Flames of War in the store, we've got a couple people consistently showing up Monday nights. Join them!

Lord of the Rings. Guess where the Flames of War money is going? We're building up our LotR stock for the release of War of the Ring on April 4th. We've got a couple dozen sets in now with more product arriving every Friday.

War of the Ring Pre-Release Event (3/14, this Saturday). Come in and learn to play the new "War of the Ring" miniatures game. We will also be starting a preview league to get started with the game. Just to be clear: The models are the same as the skirmish game, but the ruleset is in no way the same. It's a robust strategic miniature ruleset that should play fast and appears to be me to be more engaging than ... gasp ... 40K or Warhammer Fantasy. At the very least, it's worth checking out.

Learn to Play War of the Ring (4/4): Noon to 2pm. League play follows.
The cadence of iron-shod footfalls echoes on the horizon, heralding the approach of the next great war of our time. The races of Middle-earth grow restless in anticipation and are gathering the greatest heroes, beasts and war machines they can muster for the inevitable battle to come. Don't be left wanting when the war horns sound! April marks an entire month of escalating conflict and activity for War of the Ring players. Join us as we set out on an exciting journey with an entirely new game! Come in on the 4th to meet other members of the War of the Ring community, proclaim your allegiance to the Forces of Light or Darkness, and prepare for a month's worth of activities and army building!

Follow-up Lord of the Rings events are scheduled for subsequent Saturday. Check the forum calendar.


  1. Do you have a list for the FoW items on sale?


  2. There were a lot of artillery boxes, a Festung Company, and a few other things for Germans.
    I'm not sure what exactly is left.
    The Panzer IVH box was already snatched up.

  3. Germans:

    Panther A Platoon
    10.5cm Artillery Battery
    352 Infanteriedivision Festungskompanie

  4. Do you hear that?

    I keep hearing it. It's those WoTR dwarves calling to me...

  5. Is the Forgotten Kingdoms army actually playable?

  6. I don't see why it wouldn't be competitive.
    Of course, since many of the units are only available in metal, it might be an expensive list to run.

  7. It's kind of a strange army. It's a mix of hobbits, ents, eagles, iconic characters and the bizarre Tom Bombadil. Hi ho diddly oh.

  8. Yeah, but they do synergize somewhat in the course of the books. Can you also take Gandalf with that army? If so, then it almost fits in with the storylines...

  9. It's hard to tell until you actually make a list. You can take Gandalf. In fact, you can take Saruman as well (the entire White Council is available). It also makes the Mines of Moria set a pretty good deal, since it's $60, comes with terrain, along with the Fellowship and a bunch of enemy models you can trade.

  10. That's assuming anyone wants to use the Goblins...