Saturday, March 21, 2009

Store News

Here's what's happening with events and new product:

New Stuff
  • Ravensburger. We finally received our large puzzle order. It adds a wide range of jigsaw puzzles and brings our puzzle section to the largest its ever been. Come take a look.
  • Lord of the Rings. We've completed bringing in the range of LOTR models we plan to support for the War of the Ring game. We'll likely add depth to our range, but you should be able to build your army with what we've got. Sales began two weeks ago as we brought it in and they already rival some of our better selling games. The rulebook releases on April 4th. If you plan on buying one, please let us know so we can order accordingly. A pre-order will guarantee you a copy. The demand for this one is a big unknown. You can still view the preview rulebook at the store or see the quickstart rules online. I'll warn you that the rules are a little incomplete, but they should give you a feel for the game.
  • Craft Toys. We've got some orders coming over the next couple of months for more craft toys, like erector sets, science kits, and some cool Star Wars sciency toys. The big hit at this years Toy Fair was the Force Trainer, which uses your brain waves to move things. No joke.
  • Warhammer 40K. Our 40K campaign began on Wednesday, starting out with 9 people in attendance. You can join in at any time, so just show up Wednesdays a little before 6pm. The campaign is run by a staff member, Michael Parker, using a modified rules system from Mighty Empires, the campaign system for Warhammer Fantasy. It looks fantastic.
  • War of the Rings Kickoff. April 4th is the release of War of the Rings and the launch of our new league. Come check out the game and learn to play. If you've played other GW games, the system is similar in feel, but the mechanics are a bit different (much improved, if you ask me). Followup events are on the 18th and 25th.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. April 11th is our much anticipated fantasy tournament. Warhammer Fantasy has seen a resurgence of late, and this is the time to rally around your game, meet new people, and potentially put a regular event on the weekly calendar.
  • Magic: Alara Reborn Pre-Release. The next Magic re-release is April 25th, with a follow-up "release" tournament on May 2nd.


  1. Wow... for just $100 I can buy a "cool" force trainer that my kid may use once before growing bored with it. "You mean, I have to sit still and concentrate, and all that happens is the ping-pong ball moves up the tube? Where's my Nintendo DS?"

    Was this popular with kids at the Toy Fair, or with adults?

  2. I don't know that it matters. I'm guessing we'll sell them to guys in their 20's, like a lot of geeky Star Wars things.