Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Stuff

Reviews. The FTC says bloggers must disclose compensation, including free product. I do get review copies of books on occasion, but all of my reviews have been of items I've purchased. Feel free to send me review copies or even money to review your product. I'm talking to you, Forge World.

Forge World! We've started selling it in the store today. I ordered about 90% Imperial Guard and 10% Space Marines, but they only sent me the IG stuff. Included in the order is my next project, the Armageddon Pattern Enclosed Basilisk. I talk about this thing so much that if you Google it, my blog posts will come up before Forge World!

Open Late Sundays: We're temporarily staying open late on Sundays until 10pm. This could be especially useful for open gaming, since there is only one "open" night available now, on Saturdays.