Saturday, October 31, 2009

Toys for Tots and other Stuff

We're now accepting Toys for Tots donations at the store. This was very successful for us last year as we filled two bins with new, unwrapped (but still packaged) toys. We, of course, sell toys, but you're welcome to bring in toys you've acquired from other stores. 

Toy Dumping. In other toy news, we're trashing a bunch of toys due to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Most of our toys are from a handful of large, well known companies that have shown compliance to the act, but there are a bunch of generic Chinese (junk) toys that it's time to part with. I think they're safe, but like many stores around the country, if you're not sure, you need to get rid of them. If you've been in the store recently, it's the little stuff by the front door. Logic might bring you to the conclusion that I should dump them in the Toys for Tots bins, but that sounds like trouble.

Malifaux. I'm busting my purchasing budget by bringing in the new Malifaux miniature game from Wyrd. This is turning out to be a very popular game that has been on the periphery of my radar since Gencon (I'm a bit behind the curve on this one). It's a diceless skirmish miniature game with an interesting mechanic. The theme is Gothic steampunk fantasy, You use a fate (aka poker) deck along with stat cards for each miniature to resolve actions in the game. The models are gorgeous (we already carry Wyrd miniatures). 

Since it's a skirmish game, you can make a small investment without the huge commitment of a new army game. About $80 will get you a starter box and a rulebook. We're bringing in a few army boxes on Monday and we've got rulebooks backordered (currently out at Wyrd). Check this game out and see if it catches your interest. 

Ding & Dent Auction. It's on Sunday the 8th. If you're new to this, we buy up damages and clearance items from publishers, distributors and stores and sell them at a quarterly auction. We could make more money with some sort of online scheme, but we like the community aspect of the auctions (and I'm lazy). 

A very large part of the auction is customer items. In fact, it's beginning to eclipse the stuff we bring in, which is fine by me. Please begin bringing in your auction items now. You can choose a "buy it now" price, meaning we just sell it on a table, or you can choose a live auction for your premium gaming gear. You get store credit for your goods which can be redeemed for other auction items the same day, or used for new games at the store at your convenience.

The latest shipment of ding & dent exceeded our storage capacity, so we put a bunch of stuff out on the sales floor to make room. Lots of scary Halloween games are there along with a bunch of Agricola copies at $39.99. Agricola is the #1 game online and normally goes for $69.99.