Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog House Cleaning

The blog will be three years old next month. Here are a few changes and why:
  • Removed follower boxes. Times are a changin' and those who "follow" the blog are now a small percentage of those who read it, about 10%-20%.  There are many ways to get here. Most people get here via Facebook.
  • Removed ads. It was something to try, but figuring out effective online advertising on Facebook made me realize the futility of monetizing something like a blog.
  • Removed profile. Which was redundant and told you nothing anyway.
  • Old Comments. I still haven't figured out how to get old Disqus comments to populate back to the blog. Sadness.
Some stats for you:
  • Most popular blog posts. Anything discusing top sellers. This blog post disussing RPG marketshare was 10% of my blog traffic over the last year and has links in three different languages. Anything RPG related gets way more traffic than discussions about other types of games.
  • Short posts generally get more attention than long posts. That doesn't seem to stop me.
  • Product reviews are always popular long term pages, while news pages get huge blips in readership and then nothing.
  • Visitors. About 2,000 per month, mostly from the US, then English speaking countries, followed by the rest of Europe. 65 countries total. Finally got some people from Africa (thanks South Africa and Morocco!). What's your problem Belarus and Estonia? (Kidding).

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