Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Almost Human

Someone recently told me they liked my old gaming articles in this blog, because it made me seem human. Well, that's been something I've been working on for years! As this blog got more attention, I started focusing on business posts, and instead created other blogs to express my outside interests. A couple I'm even happy to share, in the pursuit of being more human:

Fate of Tara. This is my Pathfinder/D&D campaign blog that explores the theme of sandbox games. I put a huge amount of work into this multi year campaign, wrote seven books of GM material, and had the maps and much of the artwork professionally designed. I'm especially proud of Get Your Ass In The Dungeon, a study of the donkey.

Interlagos. Probably of little interest to most, this was an ownership blog for a new car, a Volkswagen GTI. When I'm not reading about games and the game trade, I'm often reading about cars (currently 4x4s), and I love the ownership blogs written by automotive journalists. Maybe a bit obsessive, but hey, it's got 4 times the hits of Fate of Tara.

Also, if you're into Planescape, I used to be the "webmaster" and author of Tale of the Bariaur. The site is long gone, but last I heard, people were converting my two unauthorized Bariaur fan books to newer editions of D&D. Those were the Bariaur Book of Belief and the Complete Book of Bariaur. The most current links to these books point back to Wizards of the Coast. Hah!

There are a couple others, but they're only of interest if you're into disaster preparedness, so I'll let you look for those yourself.

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