Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ask Your Questions

Every few years I ask you guys to ask questions you want answered about the game trade or about how I do things specifically. My specialty is retail, of course, so I'm not an expert on distribution or game publishing, although I'm happy to research what I don't know (an opportunity for me).

I honestly thought I would never be doing this for as long as I have, mostly because I figured I would master it and move on. Retail is surprisingly resistant to domination, however. It's a wildcat, and just as you've got its legs pinned, it bites your neck. Pin its necks and it smacks you in the face with its tail. It grows bigger during the fight, changing the dynamics constantly. You keep fighting or you get off and hope you can climb a tree fast enough before it eats you alive.

So ask your questions about the wildcat. What do you want to know about game trade retail? Or my store? Or ask about Title 24 ASHRAE 90.1 compliance and low voltage foot candles with specification lensed troffers (our construction project).

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