Friday, June 13, 2008

Gary of Krieg (40K)

I've had pretty bad respiratory problems from allergies, colds and more recently, primer, for the last two months. I've been resistant to this stuff most of my life, but this trifecta has taken its toll on me lately. I tried a simple mask to avoid some of the fumes, which worked the first time but not the second. Yesterday I bought a respirator from the hardware store for around $30. It's designed specifically for painting and is completely sealed on my face.

I primed the majority of Tallarn warriors today. I still have another box to assemble along with the lascannon teams and the rough riders. I'm spending the weekend in Monterey and I hope to get some painting done. I'm working on the last vehicle tonight, the third basilisk.


  1. So, did you scare Rocco with your mask?

  2. Rocco and Titania are in Alaska for a month, so I get to do all those things I normally get yelled at for, like mass priming.

    Rocco was already scared of my little paper mask, so I'm sure my Krieg mask wouldn't make him happy.

  3. Just remind him...

    "I am your father..."