Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's New with the New New

Just a quick note to say the Alkemy game starter sets sold out. We'll be getting more of them. The key now is to see it in play, get some impressions, and find out what needs to be brought in next beyond starters. The other skirmish game we tried, Infinity, never caught on (we still stock the starters).


  1. I felt that the actual Infinity rules system to be too convoluted. The pace is too slow with each model having so many possible actions and then your opponent imediately racting to each. Probably the same reason GW dropped "overwatch" in 40k.

    At a glance the new Alkemy game seems to be similar to 3rd edition Confrontation. Lets hope that they do a better job of it.


  2. While the rulebook is beautiful, it is written in such a way as to make the rules look even more complicated than I believe they actually are. Perhaps some more summary checklists would help here.

    It also appear to be a bit "old school" in terms of the complexity vs. playability debate, falling on the side of complexity when most modern games go for playability.

    The end result is that I never even got through the rulebook, let alone into the game!

    It's a bit of a shame as the models look quite good.

  3. Fulminata - are you talking about Infinity?

    Infinity has some of the most expensive models out there - and I personally love one or two per box, but don't like the rest.

    For secondary miniatures lines and games, cost and quality are huge factors.*

    Infinity: $56 for your starter force, PLUS a rulebook

    Alkemy: $37 for your starter force, including rulebook

    Uncharted Seas is another game with price point similar to Infinity - rulebook and two fleets will set you back between $100 and $150. The difference is that there are not any competing fantasy naval games out there, while Infinity is up against 40k, Warmachine, AT-43, Star Wars Minis, Necromunda, and a dozen other sci-fi mini games.

    *I see Chronopia from Reaper as a great secondary mini line - they are reasonably priced, and many are very nice. Black Scorpion minis are, figure for figure, just as expensive as Infinity, but you can pick and choose the specific ones you like (and their modern USMC figures are fantastic - although special order only at BDG).

  4. Yeah, I meant Infinity. I don't really know much about Alkemy.