Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Check Fraud

I'm playing catch up from my week of vacation. My current project is tracking down my bad check scammer. Talking with the local police, we were able to determine that she used her real name and address, which is good for catching her and why she got away with it in the first place. Everything checked out at the time of purchase, but she just seemed a little too loopy. Sure enough, the check was drawn on a closed account and she and an accomplice came back to return items for cash. I think these hard times make people a little desperate, as does drug addiction.

I've got her captured on video and I've been able to get that video off our recorder, but I'm at a loss on how to play it on anything other than the CCTV system. The video has an ADAT file extensions, in case anyone knows of something that can read that. It turns out I probably won't need the video, since I was able to identify her over the phone to the officer and it matched her drivers license photo. So now some paperwork, a certified threat letter, and maybe results sometime down the line. One thing is for sure, we no longer accept checks.


  1. State law allows treble damages for NSF. You have to send the proper letter in advance and then sue her in small claims. However, if she is scamming like this, good luck collecting.

  2. Sorry to hear about this news.

    Here is what I found about ADAT files:


  3. Can't say I blame you for shutting down checks. They're just too open to fraud for them to be worth the risk for retailers.

    I'm also glad the scammer's on the hook. Hard times or no, fraud is fraud.

  4. Many businesses only take checks from established customers that they know personally.

    I recall one Airsoft store that I went to where I gained a tremendous amount of status with other customers whenever the owner asked me - "Are you charging that, or would you like to write me a check", rather than the usual question of "Cash or charge?"

  5. That was easy to do with one key employee, with with employees, who knows who?

    I was standing there telling one long time customer that we stopped taking checks, but for him I would make an exception. Another customer overhead and I realized that I've taken checks from HIM too! The guy who just left paid with a check too, but well, I know him as well.