Friday, July 24, 2009

Ye Olde Demolisher (40K)

After putting together a couple of the new Demolisher Leman Russ', playing with the current Russ kit and building three Forge World Ryza Russ' with Krieg Demolisher turrets, I have to say I like the new Demolisher kit the best. The old kit is creaky and lacks the detail of the new kit. The Forge World stuff is nice, but the proportions seem kind of off, a little too chunky and cartoony. The new Demolisher kit seems just right: Sleek, classy, and a lot more detail that gives it a good composition. Putting together the Forge World kits made me miss the black box Demolishers from last weekend.

All need to be seen in person to be fully appreciate. Many who have expressed their dislike of the new Demolisher online have reversed their opinion when they've seen one in person, usually at their local store. The Leman Russ does not photograph well, I think.

Here's the progress of the Forge World Demolishers I've been building:

Various bags of expensive Forge World parts. I had many false starts on this project, including a couple of Forge World orders where I later changed my mind. Those items have been selling well at the store!

The project started with three boxes of Standard Leman Russ tanks. Each were installed with magnets for modular sponsons. The turrets are Forge World, so there's no need to make those modular.

Sometimes it's hard to get the paint to adhere to Forge World resin, even after washing in soap and water. I decided to soak the parts in Simple Green overnight.

"Distrust any enterprise that requires new tools." --Bob the Builder

Ready for a bath after lots of filing and trimming.

The suspiciously pleasant smell of Simple Green.

Clean and ready for assembly

My cluttered workspace (the dining room table)

Basic assembly

Forge World instructions. They go like this: Hey! You have four parts! See? Put them together already! Use glue!

Here they are. The command tank has a Tallarn commander and Forge World track guards. The tank in the back right has Forge World trench rails. All three have had their resin, fixed heavy bolters replaced by a plastic lascannon from the Leman Russ tank sprue. Each tank probably retails for about $100 each when you consider the parts.

The 30 psi spray gun compressor I bought this week at Harbor Freight.

The Badger 250 spray gun I got at Michael's. Next step is painting!