Thursday, June 24, 2010

Display Cases

One solution to our ever shrinking inventory is to put more stuff behind glass. We'll be buying a couple new display cases. These will house the dice and snacks, the two top sticky finger categories that need additional protection. It's a shame really, when I think about the new games we could have bought if people were more honest. I'm told the impact of being ripped off becomes devoid of emotional content after ten years or so. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Most stores already know to put these two categories behind glass. Unfortunately, I've had to re-learn what I know about store security in our new location, one crime at a time. Our Walnut Creek store had a less thieving demographic, shorter hours, fewer customers, and a space so small that you could talk to anyone, anywhere in the store, without raising your voice.

The new store is very different. It's big enough to attract professional criminals.  I've got a police report on record for my stolen laptop; the guy literally snuck into the office to steal the old dinosaur. There's a criminal bad check claim in with the district attorney's office (thank you Lisa Holmberg, of Walnut Creek) . There are a couple police reports based on customers behaving badly (one went to jail). A counterfeit travelers check didn't even raise a red flag at the bank, just a letter denying payment. We don't take them anymore. As you may notice, I am not completely detached from the situation just yet. 

Rather than show you the new game system we're bringing in, let me introduce you to the four foot melamine Full Vision display case (we're getting two).  Ohhhhh. Ahhhh. The places you'll go.

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