Thursday, June 30, 2011

Privateer Press Core

Privateer Press just announced a new program to focus on keeping "core" models in stock. This has been my biggest complaint with the company, along with rampant SKU creep. They're also slowing down releases so they can catch up on back stock production. Here's what they just sent out:
Finally, in order to assist retailers and support player growth we will be implementing a new order system this fall that will ensure the core items for each faction will be readily and easily available. The new order system will provide faster fulfillment on the essential products for both WARMACHINE and HORDES, meaning retailers and players will have access to everything they need to build a complete army and begin playing these exciting miniatures games right away. Items that are not part of the core list will continue to be available but will be subject to longer fulfillment times until our manufacturing capacity can be expanded to handle the high demand.

What this means is we should be able to keep promoting the game and attracting new players. There's a retailer mental aversion to pushing a game where the core is out of stock, since it inevitably pushes new players to buy online or at competing stores. Thanks Privateer Press!

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