Saturday, November 12, 2011

Battlefoam at the Range

Battlefoam bags are made from Kevlar, which you may know as a material made by DuPoint for bullet proof vests. Sure, it's also used for racing sails and bicycle tires and all sorts of things that aren't designed to stop a bullet, but the vests are how you remember Kevlar. This, of course, meant that eventually someone was going to shoot a Battlefoam bag. And because we live in the age we do, it was going to get recorded on video. Yeah, we did that.

Romeo makes it look so easy. This was all in good fun, of course, and nobody was expecting the bag to be bullet proof. If you do care at all about ballistics, the .45 round came the closest to wrecking the bag. I was a little surprised when we opened it up because I thought the bag had plastic inserts, but actually has thin, stiff particle board. There were wood particles everywhere, and the .45 round spider webbed the front wood insert on impact, while the other rounds went straight through.

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