Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook Advertising,

We got to know each other slowly, quietly, in a group setting, but then you wanted to open up our relationship to the world, and I said alright. You seemed too good to be true, providing the kind of satisfaction I wasn't getting in my older relationships.

You were hip and modern and although you would never communicate with me, I always kinda knew where we stood. Sure, you shared our relationship with everyone you knew, the intimate details laid bare, but it seemed like a good trade off for the things you would do for me.

Once you had me, however, you started getting demanding. This often happens in committed relationships, so it wasn't terribly surprising. If I wanted your attention, I now had to pay for it. I had bought the cow but the price of milk kept going up. It pretty much required I only see you exclusively, which I think is what you wanted. Our relationship was strong, and we had gotten this far, so what choice did I have?

Eventually, your neediness escalated into frantic demands for attention. What was once given freely, but then given with conditions, was now costing greatly, too much really. It was exhausting. When would it end? I feel like you're squeezing me for everything I'm worth. I feel ... smothered. Trapped.

So what I'm saying is I think we need a break. Sure baby, I still love you, but I think we should see other people. You know, get a new perspective. It should  allow our relationship to grow. But with me here and you over there. In a friendship kind of context. We'll still hang out. Promise.

Love always,

Black Diamond Games, Ltd.
"Quest for Fun!"

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