Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top Board and Card Games 2012

Here are our top board and card games for 2012. It's a list of top selling games, by dollar amount (not quantity) not including expansions (unless they can stand alone), over the last 12 months. The top selling game is Settlers of Catan, on the left, with the 51st top selling game being TI: Rex, on the right.

Board game sales during this period were flat compared to the year before, up about half a percent. Card games, however, were up 9%, with the continued interest in deck building games. This is while sales in the store, overall for that period, were up 20%. That's mostly about collectible card games.

The story last year was about consolidation, which was related to poor economic conditions and a "flight to quality." The story this year is about expansion, the effect of programs like Kickstarter to bring new products to market, and the mixed success of Tabletop to supercharge sales of particular games, usually ones not available at Target. The recent agreement between Tabletop and Target is likely to put a stop to our success with that program.

Mostly an issue on the back end for us, are exclusivity agreements on the distribution side. One of the countries largest distributors, Alliance, now has exclusives on a good number of the top sellers. Settlers of Catan, Risk Legacy, Ticket to Ride, Small World and Bang, five of the top six games, are only available through Alliance now. Others on the list, including everything Z-man is also an Alliance exclusive, including Carcassonne when it transitions over from Rio Grande.

Settlers of Catan  TI: Rex
Risk Legacy  Tsuro: The Game Of The Path 
Ticket to Ride Miskatonic School For Girls 
Small World  Forbidden Island
7 Wonders Carcassonne: 10 Year SE
Bang! The Bullet The Lord Of The Rings Lcg Core
Dominion Hey! That's My Fish!
The Resistance Flip Out
Munchkin Talisman
Arkham Horror Sentinels Of The Multiverse
Ticket to Ride Europe Munchkin Booty
Descent Journeys in the Dark 2 Pirate Fluxx
COC Elder Sign We Didn’t Playtest This +Chaos
Munchkin Deluxe Race for the Galaxy
Game Of Thrones: Board Game Star Fluxx 
Game of Thrones: Card Game Battlestar Galactica
Super Dungeon Explore Munchkin: Axe Cop
Eclipse: New Dawn Betrayal at House on the Hill
Pandemic Castle Ravenloft
The Walking Dead (CTZ) Chaos Space Marines
Quarriors! Cthulhu Gloom
A Few Acres Of Snow Automobile
Dominion: Intrigue Ascension
Gloom Axis & Allies Pacific 
Carcassonne Tanto Cuore: Expanding
Discworld: Ankh Morpork Resident Evil 
Munchkin Zombies Star Munchkin
Power Grid  Gears of War
Merchants and Marauders Harry Potter Hogwarts House 
Settlers of Catan: 15th Anniv Zombie Dice
LotR: War of the Ring 2E Puerto Rico
Legend of Drizzt Bananagrams
Haggis Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Zombies!!! 2nd Ed Munchkin Cthulhu
Last Night on Earth Bang
Wiz-War Panic Station
Agricola Carcassonne: Big Box 3
Tanto Cuore Formula D
D&D - Lords of Waterdeep Blokus Classic
Battleship Galaxies Summoner Wars
Castle Panic Fortress America
Dixit Star Trek Expeditions
Dungeon Petz Dungeon Command: Cormyr
Mage Knight Dungeon Command: Sting
Wits & Wagers Guards! Guards! Discworld
Puerto Rico Anniversary Ed Pantheon
Kingdom Builder Five Crowns
Memoir 44 Cargo Noir
Small World Underground  Angry Birds Knock on Wood
Mansions of Madness Star Trek Deck Building Game

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