Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank You

Our Summer has been nothing short of astounding, finishing off with a Magic pre-release that saw over 200 people get a chance to play Return to Ravnica. Three out of four of our events were at maximum capacity.

Sales wise, it was our best quarter to date, and despite my recent post about what not to spend money on, as of today, the store is completely debt free, two years earlier than expected.* We had borrowed money to expand into our current location. This happened despite (and not instead of) various projects we've got going on, some obvious and some to be revealed later. You'll be able to see a couple of them if you come to our 8th anniversary party on November 4th.

It's a good time to have a game store. All around I see new stores popping up from new and existing game retailers, expansions of space, and projects in the works. There is rarely any money in the game trade, really almost never, so this is when you can see what these jack of all trade store owners could be doing if they were given the chance somewhere that actually had money. It's like the craziness you see with Kickstarter stretch goals. What, we had our best quarter ever? We'll throw in a pinball machine!

But I don't want to lose site of our customers and our excellent staff. When Sarah left last month I was reminded of the bond we all share, the friends we've made along the way. I'll even use the word community if you make me. I'm fairly resistant to that type of sentimentality, and I've got my game face on like a knights armor, impartial retailer with the heart of a Ferengi. But it's there, or I wouldn't do this. Anyway, if you can, please join us November 4th for some excellent tri tip,  gaming in the back and hanging out with friends.

* A result of Rule 5 of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

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