Friday, October 7, 2016


I received an anonymous letter today, along with $200 in twenty dollar bills. From a nondescript, hand written envelope, it looked like prison mail. We sometimes get letters from prisoners desperate for any sort of games. This letter was different though, a confession of a past transgression, theft from a product line we no longer carry, along with a pile of twenties to make up for it.

We're square, whoever you are.

I've read that making amends in recovery programs is about opening up what was previously closed off. This opening up provides the freedom to re-enter society, a sense of justice for yourself and others. While a lot of recovery is about yourself, this is also about your positive role in the lives of others. 

In retail, shoplifting is euphemistically called shrink. I think shrink refers to the shrinking smile of retailers who start off idealistic, but slowly lose faith in humanity. It's easy to become jaded over the years and it seems only other retailers can commiserate with us. The grinding shrink, the 1-3% constant drain, can leave you exhausted. One friend told me to get out before I lost my soul. This is what he was referring to.

On my refrigerator
So this making amends for shrink does widen my smile a bit. It does restore my faith in humanity a little. I do forgive the actions of this person. I hope they find the freedom and happiness they deserve, that we all deserve. 

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