Monday, November 5, 2007

Happiness in the Mouth

I've been wanting to do this chart for a while, but just about everything else seemed more important.


  1. Don't forget that I'm probably skewing the Monster and RockStar counts right now ;-)

  2. HaH! I am a pie wedge all to myself with Dr Pepper!

  3. You pie wedge you.

    I'm also skewing the Monster and RockStar. Monster and Henry Weinhart are out right now. I picked up some IBC root beer to try out.

  4. I am all about the low percentage drinks - diet root beer, diet Dr, Pepper, and Ginger Ale...

    It's nice to be different!

  5. Have you considered a side business shipping odd hard to find soda to faraway places?

  6. Are you in some need of Henry Weinhardt Root Beer?

    I switched over to IBC this week since the Weinhardt has been out of stock for a few weeks.

    I am considering a side business though, just not in that.