Sunday, November 4, 2007

Party Photos

We've got 140 photos on our web album. These are great shots by Jay and Michael. I suggest using the slide show function.

The grand re-opening was fantastic! The SCA stole the show with their beautiful outfits and exciting battles. KKDV was there for several hours, driving new customers to the store and awarding prizes to lucky wheel spinners. We gave out big bags of prizes every 30 minutes. The hot dogs were great too, thanks to Topz who catered the event for free!

For the most part this was a celebration for our regular customers. They came in to check out our new space, get some food, play some games and do a little shopping. It's immensely satisfying to give something back, even if it's some food and a bag of stuff.


  1. Had loads of fun! Grats on the anniversary and a seemingly successful celebration! The Ren-faire folk in their costumes were neat. I didn't get to witness any of the mock fighting due to the pewter warfare I was amidst but the damsels in costume were nice on the eyes. :D

  2. You edited this post since yesterday, when it said Dogz catered the event... Good catch.