Friday, November 7, 2008

Energy Stimulus

It occurred to me filling up my tank this week that I've got another $100 a month in my pocket with the falling price of gas. This kind of energy pricing relief should be some sort of economic stimulus for most people, the good kind of bottom up, regressive stimulus that helps the least wealthy and should result in more money spent in the economy. However, as mentioned by the press, most people are shell shocked from the economic events of the past couple of months and are hunkering down. Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts. Commodity prices and the dollar are both on the rise again.

I'm personally not willing to think too hard about my place in the economy right now, especially the long term prospects of my own situation after having all of my paper wealth vanish over the last year. You can justify an awful lot in your life when your assets appreciate faster than your savings. Introspection will be saved for the slow, dark months of Winter. For now, it's about survival and maximizing the holidays for the store.

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