Sunday, November 2, 2008

Masking II

One thing about the spray gun, as veteran gunners will tell you, the paint goes on much thinner than with a brush. I'm debating about whether I want to add a second coat of Mechrite Red or just go right to the Blood Red. The baneblade is going to have a slightly different look than the rest of my brush painted vehicles anyway, but I'm alright with that. Baneblades are supposed to be venerable, ancient, singular vehicles, complete with names.

Again, effortless 15 minutes of work with the brush, and no mishaps with shaking the paint. I went to celebrate my good fortune with an afternoon cup of joe at my local coffee shop. As I was sitting down, I bumped my head on a small halogen track light. I carefully avoided spilling my coffee, but the bulb fell out of the light fixture and, you guessed it, plunked right into my cup, splashing coffee across the table and onto the floor. Hole in one. I highly recommend this place, despite the funky fixtures. So yeah, if I can use an airbrush, anyone can.

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