Friday, November 9, 2007

Saturday Game Auction

This Saturday is Black Diamond Games first in-store auction. We're featuring thousands of dollars of "ding & dent" board games starting at 10% of their retail price. Bid on a Tide of Iron board game starting at $8 or Settlers of Catan at $4.

Bring your own games or painted armies to auction off or come and pick up some bargains! Got an old Warhammer army you're not using? Sell it at auction for store credit so you can buy stuff for your current game, or toys and games for the holidays. You set the minimum bid and control the type of auction.

We also just received 20 boxes of mint role-playing games from many different systems, also starting at rock bottom prices.

The auction starts promptly at noon with sign-up auction items. The live auction will proceed a little later. If you have stuff to sell, please arrive no later than 11am (we open at 10am).

See you at the store!

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