Friday, December 7, 2007


I watched this funny video while I was waiting for yet another Windows Vista update to install. Imagine if your RPG group had to act out a scene from Lord of the Rings.

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The Four Hour Work Week is my latest business book. This is another recommended book on how to reclaim time from work. The value in these books is to break down the work ethic acquired from ones upbringing and from mainstream jobs. The value and even spiritual worth of work has been something I've been interested for years. Most spiritual approaches teach that you should find your spiritual life in your work, which is good, but it's usually a consolation prize for those stuck as wage slaves. These books don't denigrate work as much as offer an opportunity to reclaim your life from your soul crushing job.

Old models of work reward time served instead of business results. If you've worked in the regimented workforce of today, you know that results are not enough. How many employers would fire an employee for being late regularly even though they produce amazing results? As a manager in IT, I've seen plenty of that and the goal for me was to accommodate the star employee as much as possible without alienating other workers and annoying the boss. In other words, come late if have to, but please use the back door.

The new business goals are to work doing what you love, but as few hours as possible. The argument is that most of our 8-hour day is filler, a habit we learn when working for others. I've always thought at least a few hours of the corporate day was filler time, but the goal here is to consolidate tasks so they take even less time. Email, for example, is cut down from once every five minutes to once a week. That doesn't work so great with a boss, but you can get away with it if you structure your company correctly.

I've got step one down, doing what you enjoy. I'm bogged down in the chapter where I plan my free time. The enemy, in this book, is not work, it's the boredom that comes from liberating yourself from your job.

Anyway, with good employees, I'm now inclined to leave early rather than serve time for the sake of being there.

I'm also reading a bad Warhammer Fantasy novel, which shall remain nameless.....

Ogre update: I've got over 2000 points assembled and mostly painted. I'm working on painting a 4-man unit of bulls right now. Army style painting can be so soul crushing. Last night: shoes and belts. Night before last: pants and wood. My sabertooths are mostly painted; I'm procrastinating on painting the tiger stripes. Animals are hard. My gnoblar trappers are only primed and their ogre hunter master has a few dabs of paint.

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