Monday, December 24, 2007


I put a link on the side of the page for the Obama for America site. I'm probably more libertarian than anything else, and Obama has said a stupid thing or two that I've mentioned here before (hey, I say stupid things daily!), but I'm really hoping we can avoid the slime, pessimism and opportunism of Hillary Clinton. The Republicans sound like their running for pope, not president, and I'm hoping they go into the desert to find themselves while they're out of office for the eight years or so following this election.

What it comes down to for me is the attitude. Imagine you had two equally qualified candidates for a job at your company. One was slick, a little cagey but had been around for a long time, while the other was reasonably qualified, a bit young but optimistic and forward thinking. You agree with roughly 80% of what each believes their job involves, but life is this way. Who would you hire? Who would you want to work with? Who would be more likely to rise to the occasion in uncertain times? I've faced that question as manager before, and optimism and energy wins every time.

My main concern with all Democrats right now is their tendency towards protectionism. My main concern with Republicans is their borderline reality disorder that puts them out of touch with reality in fundamental ways. I'll take protectionism any day if those are my two choices. Heck, hand me a hammer, I'll help build the fence.

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  1. foolish Demo-Publicans! Know not you the greatness of Frankism!? Its like communism but its a better roast... its kind of a like a dark french roast... with vodka...