Thursday, March 13, 2008


I canceled my Diamond account today. It's the first time I've canceled a distributor account. Normally I would just stop ordering from a troublesome distributor. After all, what could it hurt to have an account open? With Diamond there have been regular problems, even when I'm not ordering.

Today I received a phantom box from them, a single trade paperback, all by itself. The cost on this? It's already poor, since it's an "indy" label (35% discount), but with shipping the cost of this $19.95 book was $17.97. It's the second time this has happened and I've requested that my account be set to ignore all back-orders. My account rep got my voice mail and had their accounting people call. Yeah, that happens, they told me, and there was no problem closing the account. It was hardly a tearful goodbye and not once did they offer to fix the problem or ask that I reconsider. That's what you get with a comic book monopoly.

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