Friday, March 21, 2008

Top Seller for March

D&D 4th Edition pre-order deposits are at the top, but we'll ignore those for now:

  1. Kingdom Hearts Light & Darkness Booster. We sold half a dozen boxes in the first day, which was quite a surprise. Bandai kept screwing around with their supply of Naruto (typical), which created some KH converts.
  2. Warhammer Vampire Counts Spearhead. These new models are just beautiful and I've considered picking one of these up myself. I finished my ogres, so I can go on to the next army, right?
  3. Magic the Gathering: 10th Edition booster. The Friday Night Magic crowd prefers these to the newer set.
  4. Citadel Mega Paint Set. I swear I don't understand why we sell so many of these. Other large paint sets sell a tenth as well.
  5. Mexican Coca Cola. Ahh, sugary corn-free goodness.
  6. Mana Energy Potion. Just a tad behind the MexiCoke, these hardcore energy drinks are tough to keep in stock.
  7. Naruto Secret Of The Masters Tin. Naruto is down but not out.
  8. Magic the Gathering: Morningtide booster pack. The latest booster release of Magic continues strong, but is much less popular than Lorwyn. Subsequent sets in a block are always less popular.
  9. Magic the Gathering: Planar Chaos booster pack. There are just a couple people who are stuck on this one.
  10. Kingdom Hearts Booster Pack (1st Set). This is what the Naruto crowd first took up before the new KH booster release.
Again, nothing on here that doesn't get played in-store. Board games and role playing are actually very strong departments (third and fourth place), but no single thing sticks out.


  1. I've thought about starting Vampire Counts a few times, and have even gone so far as to pick up a few models the last time they were redone. One thing keeps me from doing it: bat swarms.

    As I understand it, they still haven't updated these butt-ugly models for the new book. They have got to be some of the oldest sculpts in the line now, and with the replacement of the Ogryns in 40K, are among the very last of the old "comic" style models that Citadel makes.

    Maybe I missed something and they are doing an update this time around, but I haven't seen one planned, and the battle report in White Dwarf still shows the old ones.

  2. I don't see any new bat swarms on the horizon. They're just an option, right? They look to be one of six core units, and aren't required.

    I kind of like them.

  3. Yeah, but they're a pretty useful option, at least in the old rules. I haven't read the new book yet (I plan on getting one when the MMP order comes in... hint, hint).

    The current sculpts bug the hell out of me. They're just kind of levitating there on their hind legs. I have some of them and have thought about trying to convert them into something that I would find less objectionable, but just rotating them so they face down doesn't seem like it would really do it.

    I think if I was able to redo them I'd have someone sculpt something like a little tornado cloud of small bats with the base touching the ground and then spreading out around the top. This would fit in more with the other swarms, and be something that would be practical in terms of both production and play.