Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black List Red Parasites (politics)

I've been thinking about parasite states and politics. Parasite states are the ones that receive more federal funds than their citizens put up. For example, for every dollar that California puts in, we get $.81 back, which is a rip-off. Feeding at the trough, a state like North Dakota gets $2.03 back for the one dollar they put in. When will this conservative welfare end? Don't they have any self respect? Go get jobs (state taxes)!

Parasite states are mostly small states that have those pesky electoral votes that misrepresent them in the election. All but one of the top ten are "red" states, the "real" America according to Palin. Yet blue states feed them with federal dollars. I've been wondering if it makes sense to support these welfare Republicans with my money, usually in the form of making sales online. Cross referencing the current electoral map (slightly more generous than in past elections) with parasite states, we have the top 5:

  • North Dakota (vehicle parts, tractors, wheat)
  • Mississippi (vehicles, chemicals, electrical machinery)
  • Alaska (oil, seafood, minerals) (no sales tax)
  • West Virginia (plastics, coal, machinery)
  • Montana (chemicals, machinery, ore) (no sales tax)
Of course, this won't change elections until the last person in each state leaves and turns off the lights. Even a population of 1 gets the full electoral vote count. I'm kidding about all this, by the way.

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  1. This has more to do with the seniority of the congress-critters from those states, and the committees that they sit on and chair...