Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New New Top Ten

A year ago I posted our top 10 games, noting how things changed from the old store. How have things changed from a year ago? Not so much.

  1. Warhammer 40K (same as last year): The release of 5th Edition in July was a big hit, propelling 40K through 2008.
  2. Magic: The Gathering ( up 1 spot): Solid organized play and popular releases allowed Magic to take the place of Warmachine. Depending on the month, Magic can take the number one spot from 40K.
  3. Dungeons & Dragons (up 1 spot): Fourth edition, released in June has been a success, despite the curmudgeons that still debate this. Each new month of releases increases options and popularity in this game. Living Forgotten Realms appears to be the first time WOTC finally got organized play.
  4. Warmachine/Hordes (down 2 spots): The game has struggled in 2008, and has lacked excitement for a while. I've seen key players quietly buying 40K....
  5. Drinks (same as last year): What can I say, MexiCoke rules.
  6. Warhammer Fantasy (up 6 spots): Despite lacking regular play for this game in-store, Warhammer Fantasy still has its local fans. We've become better known as a GW store and we carry every fantasy release (although just the basic back list product).
  7. Fantasy Flight Games (up 1 spot): Lots of solid board game releases from FFG in 2008, along with solidifying some games, like Arkham Horror, as evergreen product. They're becoming the Ameritrash boardgame juggernaut.
  8. Flames of War (down 2 spots): It's not that FoW is on the decline, it's that it's now impervious to excitement. It's the same as it was a year before, sales wise.
  9. Rio Grande (up 2 spots): Success with Race for the Galaxy, Felix, Stone Age, Thebes and Airships, while maintaining their current hot titles (FFG take note).
  10. Melissa & Doug (down 3 spots): Toy sales are flat, flat, flat and the department will see a reduction after the holidays.

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