Thursday, October 11, 2007

Collectible Model

We're discussing the state of the collectible miniature game with the announcement of Dreamblade's coming doom. The thought is that there are pockets of the country, such as the Bay Area, that have seen the model begin to crumble substantially. For us, it's been on the downturn for about a year and a half.

Many store owners would like to see the collectible market disappear and those customers move to games that don't feel like feeding an addiction. Without that happening, we keep bringing in ever shrinking quantities of similar collectible stuff, at least in our area. Some customers keep chugging along, but many seem to burn out and stop gaming entirely or better, move to other gaming pursuits.

In other news, Land of the Lost is being made into a movie. I have very fond memories of the creepy sleestacks of my youth. Unfortunately it will be a Will Farrel comedy.

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  1. YES!!! Land of the Lost was GREAT, but sort of in a terrible way...