Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Photo Update

Our mom's lounge area now has a playing card display on the wall. Michael painted the patch above last night, so that's gone. We're working on banners for each section for the large white space above.

Griffin doing a little pre-game planning. The terrain racks will be moved to the opposite side of the game center entrance once we get the slatwall in the game center up.

This shows some progress in the game center. We still need to get the slatwall up. The back area has been cleared out since this photo was taken (except the slatwall). The slatwall will be put up in the next week or so. It will hold tournament boards, white boards and event information. Our deadline is our Lorwyn Magic tournament next Saturday.

Our RPG section is clean and organized, with lots of room for extra product. Customers tend to shop by their section. RPG people only shop in the RPG section. Miniatures gamers only shop there. The new customers for toys, often with strollers, rarely venture outside the toy section. This is a well known pattern. There are also "alpha" gamers who shop multiple sections, but my guess is they're about 5% of my customer base.

Our new snack section before I added the secret weapon: Pocky. Snacks have sold much slower than drinks. My guess is that it's because most of our evening events start after people have had dinner. Placement is good, but not great.

We're going through a ton of drinks each day. Snacks are much slower. The best seller is the Mexican Cokes. Mountain Dew sells on Sundays with the Warmachine crowd. One particular guy can go through a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper in an evening.

My makeshift Halloween board game display. From experience, Halloween doesn't sell product, but I think it's important to mark the various holidays in some way. We're running several Halloween related events: Zombie-a-Thon, Learn to Play Call of Cthulhu and we'll probably play Arkham Horror at boardgame night. The worst thing is when your store looks static year round.

We're finally filling our display cases. Usi has his Warmachine Cygnar army in here for $1200. After that doesn't sell in a couple months we'll find something else to put here. The important thing was to put something in the cases. One case displays my business license and resale permit.

You can't see it well because of the reflection, but this event board is a very important part of the store. This is the first, and probably best visual representation of store events. Before, everything was online and it didn't help to tell people to go home and look. The board was a gift from Alliance. Joe maintains it mostly.

I just like the tactical miniature section. You can see to the left that we got most of the Games Workshop paint rack. The top part arrived damaged, so it's on its way. The cardboard boxes are the Foundation paints. They'll have a separate rack, also on the way.