Monday, October 15, 2007


Our lighted sign is finally lit at night. There was an electrical short somewhere. We also had two additional ballasts replaced on the fluorescent lights inside the store, so today was all about lights.

The deal with the track lights is this: We don't need them ... provided we're firing on all cylinders when it comes to the fluorescents. All four bulbs need to be working on every light or it doesn't work. This should save me $65 a month in electricity.

This channel letter sign uses LED technology. It's 12-volts, so it sips electricity compared to fluorescent tube or "neon" signs. As a side note, it's not on a timer or turned on with a light sensor. The sign is on all the time. The cost of a timer is now prohibitively expensive when compared to the low electricity usage of the sign

In other news, I had to buy another new two-line phone today. The new one we bought is defective, and Indian tech support insists we send it back for repair, rather than sending us a new one. Exactly how many days do they expect us to be without a phone, I wonder? If you ever want to end a conversation with tech support quickly, just tell them their solution is entirely unsatisfactory. Worked for me.

Finally, I don't usually talk about sales figures, but if you were wondering how we're doing at the new space, we've hit our projected numbers. I was thinking it would take several months to get there, but we're there now. This is good because the move budget was completely blown. As I tell my investors, if I was my boss as project manager, I would be so fired.

Oh yeah, and Internet Explorer is the most cumbersome browser to blog with. Just an FYI.

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